The Best Galleries To Visit In Tunisia

The Culture Trip | By Helen Brady

Tunisia is one of the wealthiest and most economically stable African countries, yet remains distinctly absent amongst the continent’s cultural scene. We take a look at the top galleries to visit in Tunisia, and the artistic revival contributing to a slowly changing arts scene within North Africa.

Galerie El Marsa
Founded in 1994, Galerie El Marsa was founded in 1994 and aims to promote artists from the Arab world and beyond. Through an array of practices from painting, sculpture, photography and installation, the gallery engages with artists who emphasize a shared sense of humanity and emotion — highlighting a variety of coexisting attitudes and strategies in contemporary art. In their own words, Galerie El Marsa is turned toward ‘innovation with the aim of creating a synergy between the various existing expressions. Linking modern values of the present times and tradition… targeting a specific social environment.’ All year long, the gallery presents a variety of shows featuring major outstanding artists who contributed to the advance of art in the Arab world throughout the century. Artists presented at the gallery have been both the authenticity and incarnation of modernism, like Hatim El Mekki and Abdallah Benanteur. The continuously changing panel of leading Tunisian artists spans almost three artistic generations. The wide selection of works on display at the gallery reflects the contemporary artistic scene of both Tunisia and the outer nucleus of North Africa.

Note: Galerie El Marsa opened a branch in Al Serkal Avenue in Dubai 2015.
Elmarsa Gallery, 2 Place du Saf Saf, La Marsa, Tunisia


The Best Galleries To Visit In Tunisia

May 13, 2020
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