Abu Dhabi Art: 2023

Al Manarat Al Saadiyat, November 22 - 26, 2023 
Stand AT5 https://tickets.abudhabiart.ae/booking.html Public Days: 14:00-21:00 https://www.abudhabiart.ae/en/Art-Fair
Elmarsa Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Abu Dhabi Art 2023, showcasing artwork of the 20th and the 21st century from North Africe and the MENASA region. This year’s interests also lie in showcasing alternative mediums experimented with in modern and contemporary practice, presenting artwork by Mahjoub Ben Bella and Rachid Koraichi.  Additionally, work by some of the most influential artists of this era will also be exhibited.
Artists on view include: Aly Bellagha (Tunisia, 1924-2006), Abdelkader Guermaz (Algeria, 1919-1996), Aly Ben Salem (Tunisia, 1910-2001), Ammar Farhat (Tunisia, 1911-1987), Baya Mahieddine (Algeria, 1931-1998), Hassan El Glaoui (Morocco, 1923-2018), Hatim Elmekki (Tunisia, 1918-2003), Hedi Turki(Tunisia, 1922- 2019), Ismail Al-Sheikly (Iraq,1924-2004), Jamil Hamoudi ( Iraq, 1924-2003), Mahjoub Ben Bella (Algeria, 1946 – 2020), Mohammed Khadda (Algeria, 1946-2020), Rachid Koraichi (Algeria, b. 1947), Yahia Turki ( Tunisia, 1903-1969), Zoubeir Turki (Tunisia, 1924-2009)
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