Thameur-Mejri Heretic-space-4 2017 Mixed-media-on-canvas 180-x-140cm

Heretic space 4, 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 180 x 140 cm

Thameur Mejri

Heretic Spaces

September 13 │ November 24, 2017

#23 AlSerkal Avenue, Dubai

Elmarsa is very pleased to present Heretic Spaces, the first solo exhibition in the UAE by emerging artist Thameur Mejri, from September 13th to October 19th 2017 at their gallery space in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai.

This latest body of work comprised of paintings and drawings is an honest expression which springs from a fascination of the human form and human strength and fortitude amidst so many challenges - whether they be social, religious, political, or deal with concerns of studio practice or the fashions that drive the consciousness of the art world and art establishment. This is an aggressively exposed work that directly confronts the rising levels of violence and incitement in the Middle East and North Africa; an exercise that sculpts the body and the painting together, where the artist has turned his face towards what is happening in the world today, and has not shied away from the existence of War or Death, but asserts that Beauty remains as a presence and affirmation of Truth. In his new paintings, Mejri cuts up the human body in the same way that a child disassembles and disperses his or her toys all over a space. Deconstruction is the core of his project, and the architecture of his work; the painting becomes a slaughterhouse, and an arena of conflict. The painting is all these spaces where the body is in a predicament.

The artist will be in attendance for the opening on September 13 and will be available for interviews.

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